Monday, 13 October 2014

Channelling my inner Judi with help from Kaffe!


Ok, I'm back, yes it's been a while but I have been concentrating on my quilting and our internet at the farm is hit and miss so wish me luck!

Having just returned from the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide, I have loads of inspiration and ideas filling my head, so.... While I am waiting for a customer to return a call (her quilt is loaded and ready to go) what better idea than to start a new project.  And those that know me - stop laughing, I'll finish those other ones later! But my head is full of new ideas and techniques and I have no choice so here we go.

But first can you help me with background colour selection?  I am going to make the cover quilt 'In The Meadow' from Judi Madsen's book Quilting Wide Open Spaces, which she kindly autographed for me.

So I'm channelling my inner Judi, and I'm going to do it with my Kaffe Fasset fabrics, but I can't decide on which background to choose, white or dark grey, let me know what you think...


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